LASY 0.4.0 Documentation#

lasy (LAser manipulations made eaSY) is a Python library that facilitates the initialization of complex laser pulses, in simulations of laser-plasma interactions.

More specifically, lasy offers many ways to define complex laser pulses (e.g. from commonly-known analytical formulas, from experimental measurements, etc.) and offers pre-processing functionalities (e.g. propagation, re-normalization, geometry conversion). The laser field is then exported in a standardized file, that can be read by external simulation codes.

The code is open-source and hosted on github. Contributions are welcome!

Getting Started

New to lasy? Check this out for installation instructions and a first example.

Overview of the Code

An overview of the key concepts and functionality of the code.

API Reference

Get into the nuts and bolts of the lasy API with the documentation here.


Some step-by-step guides to using the code and some common examples which you might find useful.